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Small But Mighty: The Hummingbird

The first Saturday of September is National Hummingbird Day! Celebrate with incredible images of this tiny bird with some fun facts, too!

September 03, 2020
By: Discovery
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You Can Find me in America

The Americas to be exact, the hummingbird is native to North, South, and Central America.

Honeybee Who?

Some hummingbirds spread more pollen than bees!

The Ultimate Recyclers

Using all found materials, like mosses and spider silk, hummingbirds build tiny nests that are reused year after year.

Fast Flight

Hummingbirds are speedy, but their wings move in a figure-8 motion that allows them to fly in all different directions and even upside down!

The Life of a Tiny Bird

Hummingbirds have a lifespan of three to nine years.

Lighter than a Feather

A humminbird typically weighs only four grams fully grown!

Vast Species

There are more than 330 species of hummingbirds

Itsy Bitsy

Most hummingbirds are three to five inches beak to tail, with the smallest species being just two inches.

Food in Motion

Hummingbirds eat insects, plant nectar, and you guessed it, hummingbird feeders!

Favorite Fowers

Want to attract hummingbirds to your garden? Try bee balm and foxglove.

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