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Inventions For Space We Now Use On Earth

Click through to see to some techologies that we use everyday had their first runs in space.

March 11, 2020
By: Discovery
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The technology used to get mankind to space was revolutionary. NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have truly changed the world for the better.

Foil Blankets

People utilize foil blankets to retain warmth and protect themselves from the elements. NASA used the same material to protect and insulate spacecraft and astronauts.


Collecting samples on the moon was one of the main objectives for the lunar missions. NASA reached out to the vacuum manufacturer Black & Decker to develop a lightweight, handheld device to do just that. This tech lead to the manufacturing of the at-home version-- The Dustbuster.

Portable Computers

The GRiD Compass computer was the world's first laptop as we know it. The clamshell design was developed by a tech and first used by NASA under the code-name SPOC, or Shuttle Portable On-Board Computer.

Camera Phone

A team at the Jet Propulsion Lab developed and produced small, high quality cameras that could be utilized in Space. A percentage of all cameras, especially in cell phones, utilize this tech today.

Water Purification Systems

Providing clean water for astronauts while on missions in space in a lightweight and efficient way was an integral development in the 1960s. Modified versions of the same technology are still used in pools and fountains today.

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